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Telling stories with our bodies

My workshops are laboratories where participants explore and experiment the craft of telling stories with their bodies.  

The work may start in different ways: by choosing a subject matter, either together or proposed by me;  or by giving tasks that will trigger creative responses from participants. Participants generate short sequences, or “sketches“, in response to impulses, questions related to the chosen topic. My work,then, is to finetune, to deepen, to question, to reframe and to push participants creatively, and hopefully, make the initial “sketches“ grow. 

The participants are asked to perform their sketches, then to repeat them as precisely as possible. By doing so they deepen their capacity to give clarity to gestures and movement. This practice develops their personality as creators and choreographers, it also develops their ability, as performers, to sustain emotion and intensity. Later on we weave the individual sketches and create together a piece with its own narrative thread.  This piece becomes our way of sharing our work with an audience. 

In each workshop, I make sure to explore as well my artistic interests, my ways of creating and leading. It is important for me to expose myself and also show my own search. It is crucial for me to create a horizontal learning space, in which the “teacher” lives his creative process and makes it part of the exchange with the participants.


1. Schatten wir daun und locken neiss with over 60 years old non dancers.

2. Serial Experiment. Colombia



  1. El Galpon. Lima/Peru  
  2. Ballet Opera Roma/Italy          
  3. Daniele Cipriani Entertainment. Roma/Italy


  1. Prisma. Panama City/Panama
  2. Colegio del Cuerpo. Cartagena/Colombia
  3. Compañía de Danza Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitan. Bogotá/Colombia
  4. Associate Artists English National Ballet. London/United Kingdom
  5. Parkinson Disability Program from English National Ballet. London/United  Kingdom