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Young Performers

Project description:


A process of performative creation as a means and an end to confront young people with themselves, to encourage them to establish their identity, to distinguish themselves from others, and to discover, in these differences, the benefits and importance of dialogue and participation from there.  Is a process that seeks to fight the homogenisation of thinking and of the definition of oneself. 

The concept revolves around the creation of work by young people, in which I guide and encourage them to learn by practicing, by doing the things that interest them. My longstanding interest is to involve young people in choosing the theme and related sub-discourses and then following them.  Leave the issues in their hands from start to finish.  The professional artistic team should act as interlocutors, instigators, and facilitators of analysis and reflection, which in turn confront the young to a real different interaction with adults compared to daily life at schools. For this and other reasons, the format is difficult to define in advance, the end result could take so many different forms: dance performance, parkour, discussion, conversation, etc. 

Our proposal requires an intense dedication in terms of hours and of continuity.  The basic module of this project calls for at least 3-4 weeks of uninterrupted full work days, replacing regular school activities for  the duration of the creative process, but within the normal school schedule.



Search & Find” / Suchen & Finden / Buscar & Encontrar. Dance -theater work. Berufskollegs Kohlstraße   Wuppertal/Germany



“Four Seasons” / Vier Jahreszeiten / Cuatro Estaciones. Dance -theater work.Freie Aktive Schule Wülfrath FASW/Germany



“Mourning” / Traure / Luto. Dance -theater work. Freie Aktive Schule Wülfrath FASW/Germany



“Dance… Dance…” / “Tanz…Tanz”



“Life Cycle” / Lebenskreislauf / Círculo de la vida. Freie Aktive Schule Wülfrath FASW/Germany